Quick Notes from Fripp

This is a picture of Georgie I took Saturday morning before we left for the beach. She's been asking for a new bed since we went to Ikea New Years Day. Begging hasn't worked so far, so she is suddenly claiming her own bed is too uncomfortable. It hurts her back and elbows, and makes her hairline ache. So committed is she to her mission, she began a vigil of sleeping on the futon couch in the sunroom every night last week just to prove her point. That couch, by the way, is so uncomfortable, no one even SITS on it. Let's hear it for a teenager's perseverance!

By the way, while putting in a Sex and the City dvd tonight, I discovered a tiny area where the laptop was picking up someone's signal. If I hold the machine at a certain angle, the bars come and go, and that's how I'm posting tonight.

While I have it, then, here is the view from the front porch at Fripp:

And from the back deck:


minus five said...

i feel bad for georgia. your family has it's priorities mixed up. how does lola get a $200 slide and poor georgia can't even get a bed to prevent her from becoming a 90 degree angle walking old lady?

i, too, am the second of four kids and we always get the short end of the stick. if we get a stick at all.

mamoo said...

if someone mistreats george and doesn't let her sleep on their bed, i'll buy her a california king.

minus five said...

tania's mom: i'm glad someone is there to step in for georgia.

A said...

I believe I have encountered genius. Loved your Friday rant. Truly enjoyed.

minus five said...

and tania's mom: are you going to bring me some cigarettes when you come up here? you know, since you like to buy people beds and slides, i thought you would maybe like to help replenish my supply at non-ny prices. i would pay you back of course, unlike your grandchildren. and i will be your best friend.

if you accept the challenge, here are the specifics:

1. get them at the QT because they're usually cheapest, though i really don't care where you get them as long as you do get them.

2. camel special lights in a box. special lights. not "lights." lights give me a headache. special lights are in a gold package.

3. it is important to say you want them in a box, so that they don't give you soft packs. if they only have soft packs, that will be fine, but i prefer boxes.

4. please don't buy any 100's. those are the extra long cigarettes.

5. i would like at least 2 cartons. 3 if you're extra cool.

and i will have cash for you upon your arrival. i am down to two packs and if you don't come through for me, i'll be banished to smoke parliaments until i can get home for more camels.

thank you.
and, good day.

aud said...

People die from smoking cigarettes. You should really think about quitting.

minus five said...

audrey: you should read my latest blog entry. or maybe you have and that's why you're saying this. a little sarcasm.

and just so you know, i have thought about quitting. i also thought about how it would be better if tania's mom brought me some cigarettes.

mamoo said...

minus five I'm glad you aren't particular. buying cigarettes for you should be easy (ha)
i'll bring you some under duress. i quit 4 years ago after 1 1/2 packs a day for years.

minus five said...

tania's mom: you are now my most favorite person in the world. i'll have to look into getting us "best friends" necklaces.

it comforts me to know that you used to smoke. because i can now rest knowing that you see the importance of boxes vs. soft packs and camel special lights vs. camel lights.

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