More Friday Nostalgia

I was so inspired by Anne, Mary, and Sarah, who've recently posted old childhood photos, I thought I'd share this one of my fifth birthday (March 21, 1968. Biggy would be born 4 months later). Mamoo made the dress. She, um, also did my hair.

The expression? "Hurry up and take the picture. I've got to get back to the party before Patty Pate eats all my cake."

Thanks to minus-five for restoring the photo.


minus five said...

i don't think you're old enough to qualify as, "nostalgia."

Biggy said...

Could you wear your hair that way again?

Tania Rochelle said...

Sarah, if a car is 25 years old, it qualifies for a "vintage" tag. I think all these photos count--even your childhood pics.

Biggy, it wouldn't be such a stretch.

minus five said...

yeah, but you're not an object. people are not nostalgia. unless they are people like tammy.

therefore, my childhood pics are not nostalgia. because i'm not tammy.


aaaah, nostalgia....a subject which I am well versed on at the moment...as I am designing wine bottles with nostalgia in mind...

New Latin, from Greek nostos return home
1. the state of being homesick
2. a wistful or excessively sentimental yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition. Also, something that evokes nostalgia

To settle this, it seems as though Tania, as a human being, is not nostalgia...her picture, however does qualify as nostalgia because it is something that evokes the feeling of nostalgia.

Jennifer said...

Jesus Christ how much AquaNet did it take to stabilize the hair?

Collin said...

All together now...

Like the corners of my mind
Misty watercolor memories
Of the way we were
Scattered pictures
Of the smiles we left behind
Smiles we gave to one another
For the way we were

Tania Rochelle said...

Jennifer, surely you recall the amazing things our mothers did with the Dippity-Do/Aquanet combination.

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