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So this morning, I took Lola to school, because I volunteered for "Travel Day." (They're learning about our neighbors, Canada and Mexico.) Even though it was pouring ass-cold rain, Lo didn't want to use an umbrella. She had her own ideas for keeping dry.

She also took her stuffed dog Racky with her, prompting this exchange:

TR: Are you sure it's ok with your teacher to bring a stuffed animal today?

Lo: As long as it's not carrying a weapon.


ads. said...

is she learning about canada or VISITING canada? she kinda looks like "Nanuck of da nort", eh!?!!

the stuffed animal sould be alright as long as she doesn't take that other one...Iracky!

mamoo said...

so tania calls me and asks why i havn't commented on this blog about lola... that "ads." had beat me, lola's grandmother, to it. well, i told her that i had just read it and had to call everyone into my office to see my beautiful (although goofy)granddaughter and read what my very talented and gorgeous daughter had written. is this reason enough?

Tania Rochelle said...

I reckon.

Howard said...

Tania, why is Lo always wearing safety goggles? Is there some sort of danger I'm not aware of and as a result just asking for some sort of ocular damage?

Please advise.

Tania Rochelle said...

Either she things they look cool, Howard, or she's smart enough to know that, around here, any safety precautions you can take are warranted.

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