Timing is Everything

Every morning, Greg and Lo take Daisy to the bus stop with them to hang out with the 10 or 12 parents and children waiting for Miss Ginger to arrive. Then Greg comes back to repeat some gem of truth one of the kids said that gives us insight into the lives of our neighbors--things like, "Our water got turned off" or "My daddy sleeps on the couch."

Today, though, both Biggy and Daisy returned with looks of shame on their faces, and Biggy told me, "Daisy decided to take care of business down there--right in front of everybody. If that wasn't bad enough, it reeked worse than Uncle Billy after Thanksgiving dinner. And if THAT wasn't bad enough, Lola had to observe--very loudly, 'Look, Dad, it's really BIG.'"


Kathy said...

Poor Daisy - she really does look like she's feeling ashamed in that photo. Do you have one of Biggy looking the same?

Tania Rochelle said...

No photo of Biggy, but I'll be surprised if he goes to the bus stop tomorrow.

Collin said...

It could have been worse. Lo or Biggy could have had explosive, unexpected diarrhea at the bus stop.

Jennifer said...

How big was it, Biggy?

Alena said...

T- You were in this weird dream I had last night. I dreamt that Paris Hilton died and then I went n vacation to Egypt, for some reason. The boat I was on found her floating face up in the Nile. And she wasn't dead.

Then, because I saved her, she wanted to be my best friend and kept following me around.

Then, Paris Hilton and I were at this weird banquet-type thing and everybody was dressed up. Then I saw you sitting at one of the tables and I went over to say "hi." And you said, "Why'd you save her?"

The end.

a/ok said...

I've looked at this post a few times--each time leaving without knowing what to say.

Do you see the shame in that poor dog's eyes. Nature called. She couldn't help it.

Grayson said...

I'm still getting used to that "out of the mouth of babes" thing. We gave a classmate a ride home the other day, with commentary the whole way by the guest about how she thought her daddy was going to kill her mommy "last night." I about drove off the road. Needless to say, I had no idea what to say or do.

And then there was the little one who plopped herself in my lap at a puppet show and started telling me that she used to have hair as long as Ava's but her daddy hated it, so he cut it all off.

I tried not to sob through the whole show, but it was tough. And if it was tough just hearing such tales, well... I don't have to spell it out.

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