Months of anticipation; weeks of preparation; days of packing; hours of double-checking...

I had to go through 154 flickr photos to find a picture of my daughter--looking miserable in Spain. These kids look like they all lost their iPods.


Jennifer said...

Wow...who shit in all of their shoes? That's the saddest looking bunch of kids I've seen in a long time. Did Justin Timberlake die and we just haven't heard about it in this country yet?

biggy said...

no, I think the teacher just told them about Britney.

Collin said...

God, I'm bored just looking at that photo. They all look like they're in hell. Hopefully at the end of the day they can all sneak away and party like we did...oh, wait...I should just shut up.

Montgomery Maxton said...

if i lost my iPod i would look like that for sure

Garey Simpson said...

ooh ooh ohh. I spy a sleeper. Back right, green shirt. Wow.

GA said...

killlll meeeeee please

by the way.... instead of ¨biggy said...¨ this computer says ¨biggy dijo¨.

and i cant find the exclamation point so you can add them yourself to my sentiments above.

your muther effing miserable daughter

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