Lessons in the Car

I'm riding down the road with Jack, and we pass the dilapidated strip mall home of our local Blockbuster, McDonald's, and TaiKwonDo, headed toward our house, when Jack proceeds to tell me about the time he and Julian walked to the movie store one night while Greg and I were out:

Jack: So we were almost there, right where the sidewalk ends and you have to walk in the grass a little ways, when this carload of asshole teenagers--no doubt drinking and driving--starts yelling shit at us out their window. We think no big deal, but next thing, they're slowing down, and one of 'em yells, "Give me the gun!" So Julian and I have to run like hell into the goddamn forest--

TR: Jack!!!

Jack: What?!

TR: That is not a FOREST! That's what--five trees? It's hardly even WOODS!


Collin said...

Someone really should come up with a "Poor Jack" theme song...

Tania Rochelle said...

And you, Collin, should be the one to do it.

a/ok said...

Yes the forest is the big issue here. Poor Jack!

(I think the theme song would be so sad it wouldn't even have words.)

Sadly American said...

Leave No Child Inside!

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