Conjugal Dialogue

This morning, while in bed, I accidently rolled over and kneed Biggy in his delicate parts. After he stopped crying, we had this conversation:

TR: Those things really should be detachable. Then you could put it somewhere safe, where it wouldn't get hurt and it couldn't get you into trouble.

Biggy: What if it got lost?

TR: Losing it wouldn't be an option. There'd have to be one special place where it always goes. A place where the dogs couldn't get to it.


biggy said...

For starters, we would need a bigger safe.

Jennifer said...

Biggy, you are such a man. I bet you leave testosterone stains all over the furniture.

ads. said...

HEY...TEACHER....leave them boys alone!!!! OUCH....

biggy said...

J, did Tania tell you?

Tania Rochelle said...

Biggy, that safe would be big enough for all of our valuables, including that one.

Jennifer, he stains pretty much everything.

Howard said...

Yeah, I should probably go ahead and get one of those, given recent developments.

Anne-Davnes said...

Doug did that once: stretching naked on our bedroom floor after a run. he was oily with sweat and Bjorn was licking his face with enthusiasm. "You'd better be careful, honey. Bjorn's gonna go after those family jewels..."

Sho enough, he went for 'em. I don't even wanna know what that felt like.

BTW, Bjron's the dog.

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