The Joke's On Me

This morning, I laid out a pair of jeans and a blue shirt for Lo, shook her awake, and went downstairs to pack her book bag. When I was finished with that, I went back up to her room to find her still in her pajamas. "I don't want to wear that shirt," she said. I reminded her that Sadie had given her the shirt--with its cute little angel on the front. She thought for a minute and I believed she was going to acquiesce. But then she said, "Well, find my owl shirt. She gave me that one too."

"Owl shirt?" I asked. I didn't recall any owl shirt.

"The brown one with the stars on the sleeves," she replied.

I found the shirt and chuckled to myself, because my smart child had confused an eagle with an owl. I was thinking about how, last week, Lo had asked Mamoo if the gopher had seen his shadow. I helped her put the shirt on and ran downstairs to get the camera, so I could make fun of her today on my blog. I snapped the shot (she never asks why anymore), grabbed her coat, and sent her out the door with Biggy to the bus stop.

Then I fixed my coffee, trying to decide if I should risk the cliche short-bus jokes, and sat down in front of my computer to pull the photo up on my screen.


Alena said...

Sometimes kids are smarter than you think.

A friend of mine got a boob job last week, and I overheard him telling his friend Karl that she "had her chest cut off."

Alena said...

El Nino is the "he."

(I wish we could edit these things...)


you are so smart, s-m-r-t.

mamoo said...

is that an owl on her shirt?

Tania Rochelle said...

You're quick, Mamoo.

biggy said...

T, please use to learn the red-eye tool in Photoshop so my precious daughter doesn't look like the spawn of Satan. Thanks.

Tania Rochelle said...

Sure thing, Satan.

Howard said...

That thing looks like and owl. It's got tufts.

Tania Rochelle said...

Howard just wanted to use the word "tufts."

Blue said...

I bought the shirt. It is an owl. An artistic owl with eagle wings......Duh mom.

Blue said...

Oh! And......Leave that poor child alone at 6:30 in the morning!! Look at her face! She's pissed! Who wants someone taking pictures of them that early?!? Not you!

Tania Rochelle said...

Duh yourself, Miss Blue (You and Mamoo). The point is, I didn't see my error until I pulled the pic up on my computer. And I'm someone who claims to PAY ATTENTION to what's around me. Hence, the joke being on me and all.

As for the early a.m. photo ops, I take 'em when I can get 'em. Lo's used to it.

Me? I NEVER want my picture taken.

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