And Now For Your Friday Nostalgia

What I wanted for my 18th birthday.


minus five said...

i like your friday night nostalgia.

only because i can never relate to it and it makes me realize i'm not old like you.

Tania Rochelle said...

If you can't "relate" to young Richard Gere, my dear, you might be older than you think.

Anonymous said...

This movie inspired me to embrace men's fashion. Why do you think I'm not afraid to wear pink pants. My wardrobe was never the same. Thank you Georgio Armani. I have several of your shirts and ties, my ex has the ties. Tania tells me to let them go, I'm letting go slowly but surely.

fellow in the pink pants

Collin said...

I still want the silver Mercedes convertible he drove in that movie...complete with Blondie singing "Call Me." I can't wait for my midlife crisis!

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