Don't We All?

After students made presentations this morning, one left his paper up on the bulletin board--a paper on which was written a highly personal, sensitive story he'd shared with the class. From my office, where I could see and hear everything, I heard a thoughtful classmate ask him,

"Hey Jack, ya want your truth back?"


minus five said...

once you've gotten it out and shared it, do you really want it back? do you really care who else sees it or hears it?

i think the whole process of telling makes you numb to any care.

Tania Rochelle said...

I'm with you--about not caring who else sees or hears--I don't know if I'd use the word numb, though. I mean, I prefer not to keep secrets, obviously, and to unload something you've been carrying around, possibly for years, your whole life even, is extremely liberating (like posting your ass). They don't say 'The truth will set you free' for nuthin'!

I'd love to hear some other opinions.

M. Ru Pere said...

well i have noticed that subtle shift towards "my truth" or "speaking my truth" which seems to leave "The truth," (what we all grew up with) kinda out in the cold. I guess I'm torn between embracing and hating the world of universal therapy - on the one hand it seems healthier, and on the other hand some of the terminology is annoying to the max and counter productive, imo, to communication. Like the "therapeutic I" in modern poetry which many editors absolutely hate. Um, did I even say anything just now?

Jennifer said...

You would not believe what I had to go though just to leave a comment here. Anyhow, I am pissed that I can't read the kid's personal story. T, could you enlarge so we can all know his business? Take it up to 200% enlargement if he names any names, o.k,?

Anne-Davnes said...

I still care who sees and hears my truth - especially if it's painful. Sometimes telling your truth to the wrong audience is like throwing pearls before swine. That feels awful. But I agree with the thought that it's a chain reaction. One story told liberates another person from hiding theirs.

Kinda neat that we're all in this together.

minus five said...

t: i still use the word numb.

jennifer: i am with you on the enlarging thing. don't think i didn't pull that photo onto my desktop, open it in photoshop, and attempt to read it by enlarging it. no success. come on, tania.

anne: pearls before swine is often the case since people tend to care more about themselves than anyone else. but i just feel sorry for those people. and i usually pretend they don't exist.


I think that it all depends on the nature of what the truth is and the degree to which you feel responsible for the source of pain in the first place. Perhaps, for some, just the sheer telling of emotion and truth are the source of pain...so re-telling it is re-living it.

Maybe I'm just speaking of my own experience...and I also think that each time it is told, the pain becomes less and the shame diminishes. So it is, perhaps, only in the telling and the sharing that one is truly able to heal.

All of this requires huge risk emotionally...and risk requires courage...so one might surmise that risking emotionally is the most courageous thing a person can do.

I am just happy to know so many courageous and beautiful people....many of who(m?) I get to see everyday.

Collin said...

Actually, it was Tania who helped me liberate some of my truth. She told me once to never be afraid to name names in my poetry...and I've been naming them ever since. I have very little reservation in "letting it all hang out" in my writing, and if someone else was involved, they aren't safe either. Thanks for that advice, T.

Tania Rochelle said...

minus five and Jennifer! Do you think I didn't MAKE SURE you couldn't enlarge that and read it before I posted? I exploited this student, yes (I told him I was doing it), but I wouldn't completely invade his privacy that way.

Anonymous said...

is ok to exploit if you tell the person you are doing it? ha

minus five said...

tania, don't act so sweet and innocent. you exploit people and invade their privacty
all the time. it's basically your life's work.

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