Props to Minus-Five

Everywhere I look, including Atlanta's Urinal and Constipation Sunday edition yesterday, I'm seeing something about Sebastian Junger's new book. If you don't recall, this is the same guy who wrote another story, which later became one of our George Clooney fantasies.

Anyhoo, what's important here is that the brilliant cover was designed by our own Minus-Five. She had an opportunity to meet Junger at a book signing in NY. He loves the cover so much he asked her if she'd be interested in working with him on an upcoming project. She's going to be famous one day, this special, talented gal who marches to her own damned beat. Just you watch.

Yeah, I know Sarah.


A said...

Weee! Hooray for fame and fortune! Or maybe just fame...

Anonymous said...

What a great book cover design Sarah, go girl! Can't wait to see what is around the corner for you. Send me stickers biotch.

Tania, I just love your blog and not certain why I haven't paid closer attention. I have been laughing my ass off, I imagine it is because I have the good fortune of seeing and talking with you everyday. You really are wonder woman. Can I borrow those red boots with the white stripe?

Proud to know them both. Aren't you jealous?

All My Love,
fellow with the pink pants

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