People Let Me Tell Ya 'Bout My Best Friend--Friday Nostalgia

Oh, how I loved The Courtship of Eddie's Father! It first aired in 1969, when I was six, and lasted until 1972, when Biggie was four. I was so jealous of Eddie, whose dad wasn't a member of the Masons or the John Birch Society. And I wanted a housekeeper like Mrs. Livingston, so I wouldn't have to rake the shag carpet myself.

My crush on Jodie Foster started here too.

Show summary from the Sitcoms Online site:

Magazine publisher (Los Angeles-based Tomorrow) Tom Corbett was one of television's many widowers saddled with the responsibility of running a motherless household. In this case his son, freckle-faced young Eddie (played by Brandon Cruz, who was seven years old when the series began), did most of the plotting. Eddie had a special penchant for getting his father romantically involved with prospective brides, which led to many warm and comic moments. Mrs. Livingston was Tom's dependable, philosophical, but sometimes confused housekeeper; Tina his secretary; and Norman Tinker a mod photographer at the magazine. Although not a regular on the show, young Jodie Foster appeared from time to time as Eddie's friend, Joey Kelly. The series was based on a novel by Mark Toby, and had a theme song ("Best Friend") written by pop singer Harry Nilsson.


minus five said...

again, what the heck? i've never heard of this show either. in 1972 i was minus three years old. thankfully. it doesn't look anywhere near the caliber of 90210.

Anonymous said...

minus five: i was five years old, the times we lived in then, were exactly the caliber this show displayed. as was 90210 for YOUR times.

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