Yes, I learn something every day at Portfolio Center. Designer/Illustrator Julie was just in Hank's office, and as one thing led to another--we went from talking about Saul Bass to the book Freakonomics to what she thought of someone's suggestion she have a pink portfolio box (much too foul to repeat), and next thing I knew, she was telling me about the sport of noodling, where men stick their arms deep into a mudbank, wiggle their fingers until a giant catfish bites, grab their guts, and pull the fish out. I wasn't buying a word of it. I had the same response I had when a class told me about sugar gliders, which they claimed were little squirrel-like animals that love sweets and fly around the room.
I called bullshit. And just as in that case, turned out I was w-r-o-n-g. These fishermen are obviously trying to earn a Darwin Award.

Anyway, I'm happy to share this wealth of knowledge with you. Use it wisely.


minus five said...

even i knew about noodling. there were a couple of people i know who have done it, but i can't remember who they are.

you should hang out with me more often; you could learn a lot that way.

RK said...

If you read the NY Times two weeks ago they covered a noodling contest and if my recall is correct, it was a teenage woman that won the contest - anyone with a Times Select account want to search it up for Tania?

and very quickly - on your post about wives and careers, I wrote this very long-winded reply and my computer crashed and it was lost - so that's what I have against wives and their accomplishments!

really, I'll repost to original thread..

Who's Blue Magoo? said...

HA! Move to Augusta for a year.....Noodl'n won't seem so far fetched!!

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