Heavens To Murgatroyd

In response to my noodlin' blog, my friend Tom sent this photo of his former PC classmate, art director Beau (man on the right), obviously an expert noodler. And Beau always seemed like such a smart guy...


minus five said...

i had to google the title of your blog to figure out what it meant. all i know now is that it's apparently, "Heavens to Murgatroid" and other people also use this phrase.

and that that is kind of a big fish.

Tania Rochelle said...

Well, Sarah, I just remembered the saying from old cartoons with Snagglepuss. But I looked it up to make sure I was spelling it right. Most of what I found had it with the Y. This was the most compelling--from the web (note the reference to Snagglepuss at the end):

"Rod D. Murgatroyd reveals the origin of the word Murgatroyd, his family name.

A constable appointed by the king chose to rename himself Johanus de Morgateroyde, or John of Moor Gate Royde.

Moor-gate-royd roughly translates to "the clearing on the way to the moor." What an impressive title.

And I thought it was spelled Mercatroid based on Snagglepuss' pronunciation of it!"


I just want to know why a fucking catfish ever gets that big.

minus five said...

1. from slangsite.com:

Heavens to Murgatroid: From the old Snagglepuss cartoon. Nobody knows what a Murgatroid is exactly, but use is simmilar to Heavens to Betsy, or Great Ceasars ghost.
Example: Heavens to Murgatroid, I can't believe you want to watch Dawson's Creek tonight. That's it ... exit, stage left!

2. from urbandictionary.com:

heavens to murgatroid: A humorous alteration of the idiom "heavens to betsy." Popularized by the '60s cartoon character Snagglepuss, who was a regular on the Yogi Bear Show.

3. a boston-based rock group, focusin, has an album titled, "heavens to murgatroid".

4. there is also a power pop band, founded in portsmouth, nh in 1990 that is called, "heavens to murgatroid".

all of this evidence to say, "i win".
and if you want to argue further, we should settle this on the people's court.

minus five said...

mary, i want to know how there is a writing teacher out there that can't spell. that's a bigger question than the size of a freakin' catfish.

Tania Rochelle said...

Alternate spelllings are allowed.

If you want, I can go proof your blog for grammar and punctuation errors. You're notorious for putting periods OUTSIDE quotation marks, for instance.

minus five said...

i do that on purpose. because i don't think you should have to put them inside the quotes all the time. especially if the whole sentence isn't a quote. i made this rule within the past couple of years.

but since you just gave my blog a blanket criticism on a public forum, i must warn you that the gloves are off.

i won't send you any more friendly emails to let you know when you misspelled something. for instance, when you misspelled grey's anatomy as gray's anatomy.

you will now be forever doomed to public humiliation.

Tania Rochelle said...


k said...

I just can't take it. It's too gross and scary. Mutant. Terrifying. Huge. I want to cry.

Chus said...

This is what I think: Heavens to Murgatroyd

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