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So Lo and I are in the nail salon this morning, and I'm eavesdropping like I always do. There are two women in there together, which is not unusual--manicures, restrooms--and they're talking about where they should go to lunch. Then one of them notices the little sign that reads "Back Massage, $10 for 10 Minutes" and the conversation turns to massages. The one tells her friend, "I got the best massage ever at Chateau Elan a few weeks ago. I had to tell Frank it was a woman who gave it; I mean, an hour and a half in my hotel room... It was a Swedish massage and the guy was Swedish--tall, blonde, the biggest hands you've ever seen. He kept his oils in a little holster [She demonstrates his quick-draw]..."

I didn't ask her if she got a happy ending.

Maybe men and women are not so different, after all.


Bjorn said...

One time?
I was at the dog groomin' place?
An this girl named Kiki was washing me?
An it felt really good n stuff?
So I started drooling and cooing?
Then this poodle named Sunday asked to join us in a lick fest and MAN, was it hot.

An when Anne came to pick me up that afternoon,
I didn't tell her about Kiki or about Sunday - just that I was a good boy.

But the next time I went in and asked for Kiki, I heard she got fired. DAMN, I wish I had gotten her number.

Now I get boring baths at home. Phooey.

minus five said...

at least bjorn is scoring.

i got three massages this week and i'm pretty much alright with the fact that there were no happy endings because they weren't especially attractive.

maybe they're only attractive at chateau elan and at a dog grooming business. certainly not in chinatown.

remember when you were up here last and you said something about your travel buddy giving you a happy ending? is that what you meant?

Tania Rochelle said...


Anonymous said...

Pink, prehensile toes, suitable for hanging from pine branches, or chandeliers. A precocious Lo, another creative in the household. Lastly, Biggie is a m-a-n, my dear; seein' "their woman" cleanin', sweatin' and washin' to fluff the nest gives rise to (1) google eyes and (2) boners. Don't forgit it.......for an instant.

With affection, Harius

Who's Blue Magoo? said...

I can't beleve you posted a picture of your feet!!

Tania Rochelle said...

After my ass, the feet were easy. Amazing how that works.

Very liberating, really.

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