Worst Mother Ever

Lo's class picnic was last night, a playground swarming with cherubic munchkins, beloved teachers, and dedicated room moms--not to mention my own family. Yet this was the ONLY picture I took:

Next, Lo brings this home from school, wherein each student in the class has created one page illustrating their assigned letter. The book is then shared with all the parents. Look closely to see what my li'l darling drew to represent the letter F.

Mamoo reminded me it could have been worse.

Yes, Mens-n-Wimmens, I still hold the title.


minus five said...

it's hard to tell what that is a picture of. not because she doesn't have mad skills, but because you took a blurry picture of it. please provide a detailed description of what we're looking at or else get someone to: a) scan it in for you b) take a better picture for you.

Tania Rochelle said...

It looks good on my screen.

minus five said...

your screen is lying to you.

i guarantee you that nobody else will be able to tell what the picture is either.

it's never good to take the easy way out.

Collin said...

Once I clicked on the picture, which makes it larger, I could see clear as bell what her F stood for. Clever little lass!

minus five said...

you could see more clearly because tania posted a better picture.


Too funny...what a clever little girl. You must frame that, too. :)

jenniferpgriffith said...

F is for flatulence. That's hot, T!

Bjorn said...


I am hurt.

That picture of THAT dog, whoever the FUCK that is. What gives?

I thought I was your favorite?


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