Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Here All Weekend



I can't help hating you right now.
That looks like SO much more fun than olympic branding.

I thought you were going to bring your monkey bike for your off-roading adventures...

aud said...

just want to let you know I'm up at pc searching the cracks for poster ideas. Enjoy your trip.

minus five said...

that's cool... you know, if you're into relaxing and all.

are you taking a vacation from your problems, like bob wiley on "what about bob?"

and is that elliott yamin from american idol, on the big screen?

try to enjoy yourself, even if there are no kids around to flash.

Collin said...

You should be able to get your ta-tas out all over the place in those woods. lol

Anonymous said...

I signed a UPS delivery for you. Arrived this morning. Some sorta Patch.


mamoo said...

and why didn't ya'll invite me and granny to go along with you? SHE AND I could have had a wonderful time. Har, har

minus five said...

i don't know what's more cute:

1. the fact that your cabin is called, "A Lake Memory - Secluded Log Cabin"
2. that you rented it from, "cabins-r.us"

nolapoet said...

Hate the game, not the playa...!


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