First Step

I've waited ten years for my husband to open up, to allow himself to be vulnerable, to risk real communication. Finally, tonight, this:

Biggy: You know, when Daisy dies, I'll have a new puppy within 24 hours.

Tania: That's pretty fucked up. You wouldn't even mourn her for a whole day?

Biggy: Remember, my biological parents gave me away.


minus five said...

maybe he should have a shirt like the one i ordered and the one you copy-ordered, but his could say "my biological parents gave me away and i turned out fine."

Biggy said...

No, it would need to say " My biological parents gave me away and my wife thinks it fucked me up"

Tania Rochelle said...

No, it would have to say "My bio mother gave me away, so I hate all you bitches!"

minus five said...

tania: you just left yourself wide open, but i'm not going to take the shot. because it would be too easy. but the visual is freakin' hilarious.

mamoo said...

tania, uh, remember otis replaced you know who within 48 hours so don't be so hard on biggy's insensitivity..

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