Suburban Fireworks

Biggy with his South Carolina contraband.

Daisy, trying to make a citizen's arrest.

They come from far and wide to see this spectacular event. (If you click on the photo, you can see Biggy's audience. Their parents won't let them get any closer.)

Yes, it looks dangerous...


minus five said...

i always wished my parents were cool enough to have bought us fireworks at the firework stands. we didn't even get sparklers.

we missed you on the brooklyn rooftop, but i think i could have also had fun on a suburban street. i always bring the party with me wherever i go.

Jennifer said...

Did Biggy blow himself up??? Cool!!!

Biggy said...

Not even close. I am an ammunitions expert. Only once did I accidentally fire into my crowd of adoring children.

Collin said...

Who needs Baghdad when you've got Biggy firing rounds into crowds of children. lol

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