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All Lo, All the Time.

Yesterday, at the dentist: No whining, no clinging. Not one single tear.

JackMan and I have appointments today. We plan to cry.


minus five said...

like teeth cleaning is any big deal. it's nothing to cry about. why don't you try having two root canals?

jack probably won't be crying about the cleaning as much as he will from sheer embarrassment that his mom is a baby.

mamoo said...

my six month cleaning is scheduled for october. i was thinking yesterday that i would go ahead now and reschedule for 6 more months out. i HATE going to the dentist.


I hate the dentist...my childhood dentist used a strawberry flavored fluoride treatment designed to be "kid-friendly"....then, after picking away at my mouth and dislodging whatever was stuck in between my teeth and gums, would ask me to swish and swallow. It was a warm, bloody, fruit-infused, mouth particle soup that nearly made me vomit. To this day, I still get anxious when I have a teeth cleaning.

Tania Rochelle said...

Yeah, it was close. I almost cried and puked. First, I get tortured and lectured during the cleaning.

Then they have this new baking soda polishing system that sprays crap all over your face and hair and drips down your throat like gargling salt water.

On the way home, JackMan said, "I hate doctors and dentists--anyone you pay to hurt you."


aud said...

The worst is the sound of the drill heading towards your mouth as the drill scrapes the nerve forming a pool of bloody drool on your chest from the corners of your chapped lips.

Teeth cleaning is kinda fun compared to the other procedures, except for the baking soda spray ending up all over your face. I hate the dentist with a capital H.

Jennifer said...

You bitches should go to my dentist, Dr. Russell Marson on 14th St. He is hot, smokin', so hot that I still drive in from Athens to share my teeth with him. And he comes across with the Valium, the nitrous...all the special touches that make cleaning appointments a pleasure. My hygienist Lucia is the best as well. Minus Five, NF is brilliant and a lot of fun. I have not tongue kissed him for you yet, but the week is still young...

time traveler said...

I have never seen anyone look so happy in a dentist chair.


Tania Rochelle said...

She made me buy her dentist's tools at Publix today--a set with the little lighted mirror and those dangerous pick/hook things. Why they even sell such things at the grocery store, I dunno.

But she's been a happy little clam, upstairs torturing her build-a-bears.

minus five said...

jennifer: have you passed along my information and comments to nick flynn or do you just enjoy taunting me?

Biggy said...

She also tortured her father with those things last night. Must learn to never trust a 6 yr old when they say "I promise I'll be careful."

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