Friday Nostalgia

Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, 1976-1978

It was so terrible, you couldn't not watch it.


Anonymous said...

Forever Fernwood was the shit though.

Tania Rochelle said...

No, All That Glitters was the shit.

But you can't find info on it.

Anonymous said...



All That Glitters was the name of a 1977 series by producer Norman Lear. The premise of the show depicted a world of complete role-reversal: Women were the "stronger sex" and breadwinners while the "weaker sex" - the men would stay home and be househusbands. Men would often be treated as sex objects
The series featured many notable celebrities including: Eileen Brennan, Greg Evigan, Linda Gray, Wes Parker, Gary Sandy, Tim Thomerson, and Jessica Walter.
The series ran in syndication on late-night. It would be cancelled after one season.

Damn. No pictures.

Why does the description of the show bring up thoughts of a bondage and rough sex? Me likey.

Collin said...

I used to love Mary Hartman. I seem to recall sneaking out of bed to watch it. I used to do that a lot.

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