This One Time, At Band Camp, Part II

This afternoon, we picked JackMan up from band camp. First, though, we were treated to an exhibition of what they've learned of the show so far. I'm still swooning from the smell of grass mixed with the sounds of drums and trumpets.

On the way home, we asked him to tell us secret band camp stuff. We got this: Every night at lights out, the chaperones would come around and check to see that all students were safely in their own rooms before locking up. Then, after the adults had padded back down the halls, the guys in drumline, following long tradition, would pop out the ceiling tiles and tunnel through the overhead passages to the designated Halo game room.

Gawd, I'm so proud.

End of story, back to Atlanta:


minus five said...

i'm pretty sure he kept most of those band camp stories to himself. did you wear a shirt that said "jack's mom" on the front when you went to pick him up?

Collin said...


Yeah, sorry, Mama T, you're not gonna get the "real" band camp stories. Sneaking off to play video games...awwww. Uh-huh.

minus five said...

how easy would it be to grow up in your house? i mean, do you really believe everything that easily?

i'm surprised that he didn't just try to tell you that they went to bed when they were asked or that they stayed up until all hours discussing ways the band might contribute to the community.

Tania Rochelle said...

Well, jeez, I was impressed by the covert travel.

Even more impressed that he told me about it.

I am easy.

No Jack's Mom shirt, but we did wave really big and yell his name.


Tania....there is NOTHING wrong wanting to believe in the good of humankind...clearly, Sarah and Collin are projecting more about their own adolescent behavior than ANYTHING having do do with your angelic, virginal child....yeah right. ;-)

Tania Rochelle said...

Listen here, you buttheads: What you don't know about my son is that he's like a little old lady--worries about everything, is terribly afraid of breaking rules, etc., so for him to give in to the peer pressure and escape from his room at camp is HUGE and bodes well for his becoming a normal boy.

Don't forget I've been through two teenagers already--the hormones, the rebellion... I know how bad it can be...

minus five said...

jack is a genius!

he's convinced you that he's like a little old lady?! that kid's going to get away with murder... maybe he already has.

way to go jack!

flying under the radar as the 3rd favorite child does have its priveleges after all.

mamoo said...

a little bird told me that you cried.

Tania Rochelle said...

Of course I cried!

As Emily Dickinson said:

I can wade Grief--
Whole Pools of it--
I'm used to that--
But the least push of Joy--
Breaks up my feet--

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