Note To The Armchair Therapists (who are always named "Anonymous"):

Thanks, but I already have a shrink.

Minus-Five could use your help, though.


Anonymous said...

would you like me to give you the name of my therapist. he has helped me let go of a lot of hurt and pain so i could move on in a healthy path for my family and me as well.

Anonymous said...

minus five seems to be doing just fine

mamoo said...

anonymous, stop taking cheap shots at my daughter.

Tania Rochelle said...

Mamoo--stop it!

I don't mind. I'm flattered.

They seem a little obsessed with me.

Anonymous said...

it's just me, no they here.i am not taking cheap shots at T mamoo, nor am i obsessed. you know i used to enjoy reading your posts, it was a good way to keep up with Sade, Ga, and Jack, but i am getting bored with all the john stories. i think you might be too obsessed with john. i would also think a good therapist would have helped you to feel the pain and hurt, process it, and move on with your new life. you owe it your new husband and child. by the way this is Joye and no i am not an armchair therapist,just an observer.

Tania Rochelle said...

Joye, please feel free to skip the rare posts where I mention your brother.

Or I'll be happy to send you, personally, pictures and anecdotes about the kids. That way you don't have to stick around here and be bored.

FYI: We'd all moved on past that post. You're the one who keeps bringing him up.

Anonymous said...

yes!!! your right T i am hung up on the post

minus five said...

dang. this is better than COPS!

anon joye: at least you named yourself. we all generally hate anonymous comments so i give you credit for saying your name. especially after mamoo challenged you to a celebrity death match.

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