Friday Nostalgia

I know it's still around, but I sure don't see people making fried Spam sandwiches (on white bread, with mayo) like we used to--or Spam pie, for that matter.

Same with deviled ham and vienna sausage. Anyone out there eating canned meat sandwiches?

Confess. We won't tell your doctor.


Collin said...

Before his diabetes, my dad love a good fried Spam sandwhich. It always grossed me out...just the smell of it. I seem to remember when I was a kid, when my mom would pack a lunch for my dad, there would be vienna sausage and sometimes beenie weenies. Ah, canned meat products. America's bountiful harvest.

minus five said...

that's disgusting.

my evil grandma, who didn't believe in throwing things away, still had several cans of TREET (spam's cousin) in her cabinets. along with some cake mix from 1976. this was three years ago.

we found these specimens when we had to go through her stuff after she moved on to the nursing home.

Tania Rochelle said...

Collin, do you eat gyros? When I worked at The Gyro Wrap in Athens, we called it lamb spam.

minus five said...

minus, do you eat gyros?

well yes, as a matter of fact i have. thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

When I was a little boy my grandmother would fry slices of spam and serve with eggs for breakfast. I thought we were rich to have something meat related served along with our morning eggs and tortillas. Now looking back...is that what they call poor people food?

We celebrate Spam where I come from, Austin, TX. Check it out, http://www.spamarama.com/history.html

fellow in the pink pants


I personally can't eat anything that looks like a dog's penis (vienna sausages) and the term "potted meat product" should be banned.

aud said...

thanks mary for stating what I was thinking...ok I lost my appetite.

Collin said...

I've never had a gyro before, but Minus has. :)

The other thing my dad like to make was sauerkraut, which made me want to puke. As a matter of fact, when I was in high school, I came home from work on a Saturday evening and my dad was making it. I had been feeling ill all day, and when I walked in the smell hit me and I threw up in the kitchen sink.

Food can be really gross if you start thinking about it too much.

amy rush said...

Vienna sausages were my favorite food when I was a baby, says my mom. I think I might have fond memories of them. I've tried to enjoy them as an adult and it's hard - even though I am a very adventurous and not-picky eater.

My dad would make a potted meat sandwich and then dip it in BLACK COFFEE. Now that's not something I'll try. Ever. He was a bit weird - he also introduced me to pickled pigs feet. When you love your dad, you'll try anything on your plate. And think you like it.

MAMOO said...

i havn't had spam, vienna sausages, or potted meat in years but i still enjoy a nice can of sardines with saltine crackers.

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