Friday Nostalgia

From the 80's: Luke and Laura.


Jennifer said...

This must have been after Luke raped Laura on the disco floor. Genie Francis has really porked out lately; someone needs to lay off the Ring Dings.

Collin said...

When they had Laura come out of her coma earlier this year on GH it was one of the most horrible, embarassing plotlines ever. Genie looks terrible and the storyline was ridiculous. She comes out of the coma for sweeps week, then slips back into it. Oh, those glory years of discotech rape, the Ice Princess, and the Cassadines. Sigh.

Grayson said...

Wow. That was great! I know I had a pair of corkscrew shoes just like the ones Laura was wearing when Luke grabbed her around the ankles. He sure was awfully grabby.

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