When You're Happy to See a Good Ol' Boy

This morning, while I was on the home stretch of my jog--enjoying a little Ray LaMongtagne on my Shuffle, oblivious to pretty much everything around me--a pit bull came out of nowhere and lunged across the street at me. I screamed and covered my face just as a Dodge Ram pick-up, bigger than life, skidded up right in front of Cujo, scaring him back into the yard from whence he came. The guy at the wheel was wearing a straw cowboy hat and dark sunglasses. I had no doubt he had a shotgun behind the seat. He rolled his window down:

TR: Thank god you drove up.

GOB: I saw the whole thing. Pretty scary. I have little kids, so I don't appreciate folks letting their dogs run loose. You ok?

TR: I nodded and thanked him, keeping my eye on Killer.

And then he waited, and watched the dog, who was still drooling at me, until I was long out of sight, making me sorry for every bad thing I've ever said about men with trucks and belt buckles the size of license plates. If I saw him again, I'd buy him a six-pack of Bud.


Anne-Davnes said...

If I saw him again, I'd ask him for a kiss and a turn on the dance floor. I love a hearty gentleman.

Tania Rochelle said...

And what would Mr. Fresh say about that?

mamoo said...

i didn't know men in east cobb had pickup trucks.

Anne-Davnes said...

That it was a description of him. Really! I married a good ol boy in a suit.

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