Family Dynamics

Stop barking, or I'll give you something to bark about!


biggy said...

Why do you want to treat my baby that way? You do realize Daisy will eat that dog without remorse?

mamoo said...

poor daisy. and,your baby,greg?

Jennifer said...

Daisy sounds like a cow when she makes that deep, pissed-off lowing noise. You should try milking her, B.I.G.

Tania Rochelle said...

Daisy is the baby to whom he refers, Mamoo.

Poor Daisy, indeed! Cranky old cow.

biggy said...

And when she eats that dog, I'll produce this video as my first piece of evidence that the snack was justified.

ads. said...

If the li'l yapper doesn't get eaten, then someone will get a soggy pillow instead....sweet revenge-doggy style!

Dustin said...


It was great seeing you this weekend and meeting Biggy and your youngest.

Hope you'll submit to LIMP WRIST.. the submissions can be found at www.limpwristmag.com

take care,

Anonymous said...

Well, it didn't take Fay long to feel at home and take over the HBIC spot. Daisy sounds like she is constipated when she makes that low and steady growl noise.

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