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Today, while researching 'ganglion cyst' in order to determine whether the beebee-sized lump on the joint of my right thumb is that rather than the tumor I'm certain will require amputation of my entire arm (or, rather, armputation, as I like to say in protest to the use of 'cremains,' which I consider an appalling coinage), I came across this intriguing article in eMedicineHealth,
a real tearjerker entitled "Paltry Penis Perception Plagues Many Normal Men." Did you know about small-penis syndrome? Seems it's a genuine condition, when men with average-sized equipment have anxiety that they don't measure up. It's not to be confused with the condition that means such anxiety is warranted: micropenis.

Besides the fascinating statistics on size, the most interesting part of this piece was the last two paragraphs:

Similarly, the researchers note that plastic surgeons have been touting their ability to make a man's flaccid or erect penis larger. Again, they note, these techniques are unproven except for cases of true deformity. And they warn that serious complications may ensue.

Wylie and Eardley recommend that urologists take men's concerns seriously. If education and counseling doesn't do the trick, they advise psychotherapy for men whose obsession over penis size is interfering with their lives.

Aw, gosh--all those poor men out there feeling like vienna sausages in a world of kielbasa.


ads. said...

Just as some women obsess over breast size, what man hasn't dreamed at one time or another about being steady "end" for jump rope....ok, maybe not.

Tania Rochelle said...

I've got nothing.



I think I am going to go vomit now.

As an aside, I have a ganglion cyst in my wrist because two of my wrist bones grew together. My doctor suggested putting my wrist, bent, over the edge of a table and hitting it as hard as I could to pop the cyst. This was about 12 years ago...I imagine medicine has progressed since then and an alternative to this "therapeutic" method may be available.

ads. said...

sorry 'bout that...my "inner cartoonist" takes over at the worst times.
Speaking of ganglion cysts, I've had one since the mid-70's, with no problems. However, recently, my wife suggested she whack it with a book. So much for "theraeutic" methods.

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