A True Patriot

On the way to drop Lo off at Y Camp today, my youngest whined and cried about how she didn't want to go. Lola would prefer to lie on the couch and watch Spongebob all day (much like her brother).

Lo: I hate camp. It's the same as going to school.

TR: How's that? You don't have to sit and do math problems.

Lo: But we have to go for five days, just like school. And we have to start out every day with Flag.

TR: What does that last--like two minutes?

Lo: NO!! It's at least ten. We have to sing all these stupid songs.

TR: That's pretty rough.

Lo: But the worst part is when they take it down. All we do then is stare at it. We don't sing songs or anything. We just stare.

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