Saturday Things You Might Not Know

Reading Perez Hilton this morning, I came across a photo of Jocelyn Wildenstein. I remember reading about her years ago, when she was just a fledgling freak. She's become quite accomplished in the interim. Do read about her. It will give you something to talk about at Mahjong.

(MAKE SURE you click on the youtube video at the bottom of the wikipedia entry.)


Peter said...

OMG this picture is hideous (not to mention disturbing)! Is she for real?

Jennifer said...

This is the best! I've been watching Jocelyn's transformation for years too, and, at this point, she really does look just like Eric Stoltz in Mask.

Tania Rochelle said...

She's real--but not.

Collin said...

For awhile she looked like Bert Lahr in costume as the Cowardly Lion, but she's definitely in Mask territory now. She must have some serious psychological problems. This makes Jacko look like he's just had a minor tuck.

ads. said...

YIKES! I've seen better heads on hammers...Her face kinda reminds me of that LIGER...HUGE and ABNORMAL, even though catlike.

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