Have You Seen My Brain?

Today, in honor of Biggy Day, we went "to town" and had brunchupper at the American Roadhouse and then waddled out and headed to Fernbank for the Lizards and Snakes Alive exhibit. The reptiles were lovely, but every time I go to Fernbank I'm as disappointed as I remember from before. The re-creations of ecosystems, etc. are no more exciting than the diorama we made for Lo's school project. I'd rather stay home and watch Meercat Manor than see a stuffed raccoon mounted to an artificial tree. It all seems like a seriously glorified sideshow--without the fun of Lobster Boy or a two-headed cow.

Before we left, we browsed around in the gift shop, where Jack bought Brain Quest, one of those little decks of cards with about a thousand questions to make you the life of the party. This particular deck contained 850 questions "celebrating our history, people, and culture," for ages 9 and up, and Biggy and I fell all over each other in the car, trying to answer the questions first--or at least before Lola. We did ok with the first few: What does the DC stand for in Washington DC? ...Salsa, sushi, polka, pie: which one is both a food and a kind of music? But then the questions got tricky.

JackMan: Who said, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country”?

Biggy & TR (simultaneously): John Kennedy!

JackMan: No, Nathan Hale.

TR: Didn't he play the skipper on Gilligan's Island?

JackMan (ignoring me): Which U.S. president also served as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?

TR: (Silence)

Biggy: (Silence)

JackMan: William H. Taft

TR: I'd have never gotten that.

Biggy: Nope.

TR: I wouldn't get it again tomorrow, too.

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