Lonely Walk

Last night, I was out walking--not jogging, because Georgia, who hates cats and all their sleazy rituals, wasn't there to call me a pussy--and I noticed the usual tabbies and half-breeds were out in the warm evening, skulking through the grass, preening on the window sills. As always, when I came across the inevitable amorous couple, already "engaged," playing out their brief romance at the end of a driveway, I said very loudly, "Get a room."

But it just wasn't any fun without George.


mamoo said...

OH MY GOSH, TANIA!!!! i wasn't expecting THAT!!

GA said...

Ugh! Cats are SICK ....gross

Collin said...

F'ing pussies. Literally.

Think said...

ODC is not a gross cat, ga. You need to reconsider that statement.

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