One More, Right Where it Hurts: Your Friday Nostalgia

The 1976 film Lipstick is one of the worst movies ever made, and oh how I loved it when I was young (My own history and all). I refer to it all the time, but no one ever gets the reference. Now you will. By the way, the actor on the other end of the shotgun is Chris Sarandon, Susan's first hubby.

I must include the blurb from the guy who posted it on Youtube, seanarther, who sums it up so well:

"The shlockiest, most poorly-directed drama in the history of film. Supermodel Margeaux is raped by Mariel's music teacher and following a tasteless, very public trial during which Margeaux is victimized for a second time (endlessly), the guy gets off. He then decides to go after young Mariel and after raping her, Margeaux takes her bloody revenge by abruptly leaving a Francesco Scavullo photo shoot, grabbing a shotgun and blowing the dude away in a parking lot. She does all of this in a spectacular Dior gown. Unbelievably awesome."

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Collin said...

"Lipstick"!!!! I haven't seen this movie in years. I know I shouldn't be laughing but that scene is hilarious.

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