Happy New Year! Pay attention to your lives.

From "The Worlds in this World" by Laure-Anne Bosselaar

And all along that year the winds
kept blowing as they do today, above oceans
and steeples, and this one speck of dust
was lifted from somewhere to land exactly
here, on my desk, and will lift again — into
the worlds in this world.

Say now, at this instant:
one thornless rose opens in a blue jar above
that speck, but you — reading this — know
nothing of how it came to flower here, and I
nothing of who bred it, or where, nothing
of my son and daughter’s fate, of what grows
in your garden or behind the walls of your chest:
is it longing? Fear? Will it matter?

Listen to that wind, listen to it ranting
The doors of heaven never close,
that’s the Curse, that’s the Miracle.


M. RuPere said...

great poem, T - or part of one - but, not to be a pain, how does that pic relate? Life's a fair? We're all roasted corn in this colossal dream? Happy New Year anyways!!

Tania Rochelle said...

The colorful signs against the blue mountain sky just make me happy, Rupert.

ButtonHole said...

I love the poem, too! Thanks for posting.

M. RuPere said...

ahh, I gotcha - yay beauty, yay mountain sky and a shout-out to all stoners! um, or should I say, readers of this blog

Collin said...

Can't wait to meet Laure-Anne in person.

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