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I always assume that when I come across something that tickles or annoys me, I'm probably the last person to see it, so I really hate it when I go looking for it on YouTube and can't find a clip. Take that Always commercial with the maxi pad riding a mechanical bull--still NOT on YouTube. What the crap?! (Worst. Commercial. Ever.) A couple of weeks ago, I saw a TV spot for Sunsetter Awnings and thought, Holy crap--is that John Edwards? Guy looked just like him until I squinted my astigmatism away. Well, of course I went straight to YouTube so I could share, but no one had posted it.

Today, I was watching Spongebob--the episode where Squidward promises to go jellyfishing with Spongebob and Patrick, then rides off on his bicycle, laughing to himself because he has no intention of going anywhere with them. You have to trust me that it's a funny scene, the laugh itself enough to make you wet your pants, because it is nowhere to be found among the various video forums. Yet. But when I went to find it, my last search came up, and here--finally--was the Sunsetter commercial:


Anonymous said...

Is that the episode of Spongebob where Squidward runs into a jellyfish, has a horrible accident, and is stuck being entertained (tortured) by Spongebob and Patrick? I think they are trying to get him to have the "best day ever." Man, I am such a dweeb.

Collin said...

Do you have a Sunsetter yet, T.Ro?

Spence said...

The beverage on the table just looks too much like pee. ew.

Anonymous said...

Still don't know who the woman in the commercial is.

She's hot!

Anonymous said...

The woman in the commercial is Shauna Bartel.

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