Serious Discussion

TR: Greg, I really want to move somewhere that's warm year-round.

Biggy: You wouldn't like it. Then you'd complain that you miss the change of seasons.

TR: Oh, please. Don't confuse me with yourself. I only like spring and summer--and can only tolerate fall for as long as I can wear my clogs without socks. You can have winter.

Biggy: Well, I don't want to move.

TR (gathering courage): So, what would you think about my living somewhere else for three months out of the year?

Biggy: SOLD!


mamoo said...

be careful what you wish for, tania. would you really want to be away from that gorgeous hunk of flesh? the socks and flip-flops? the skateboard? the most proficient lightbulb changer?
be careful.

biggy said...

T, you know I unequivocally support your pursuit of happiness. If that means we have to live apart for 3 months, I'll make that sacrifice.

Mamoo, "unequivocally" means definitely, clearly, obviously, etc..

mamoo said...

thank you, biggy. i might not have known that.

Collin said...

If this were a sitcom, it would be called "Leave It To Biggy."

ga said...

Hey, can I come too?!

biggy said...

Mamoo, might?

ads. said...

you get a little snow and you're ready to bail?

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