And I Was Such a Good Grasshopper

Must I abandon my dream of Holly Hunter hair? The hope itself was Rio's fault. Rio--Jennifer's hair stylist--recommended by her. Rio was the master. Rio would change my life with a quick flick of a scissor.

I went along with Jennifer, to see for myself. I watched in awe as Rio cut her hair with the flair of a flamenco dancer and the care of a Mohel. I listened, feeling guilty myself, as he scolded her for various hair offenses. When we left, she looked beautiful-chic and I had an appointment for the following week.

I was even more impressed after my own session. Contrary to what I expected, when I left the decision of my style up to him, he opted NOT to cut all my hair off--a drastic departure from the clipper-happy pixie-makers of my past. He suggested I actually grow it out--to add weight to tame the pouffiness and to prevent "old lady hair." He trimmed the dead ends and added some long layers and spanked me with a hairbrush for using Pantene. His final edict: "The bangs HAVE to go." That was ok. I trusted.

Since then, I have adhered to all of his rules and training. I bought a shampoo and conditioner that didn't come shrink-wrapped together with a free sample of gel. I've strengthened my arms for proper blowdrying. I found a paddle brush I can also use on my own backside if I backslide.

Now, it's time for my next visit, and I've come to find out Rio has left the salon and gone to teach at the Aveda Institute.

Woe, oh woe, is me.


M. RuPere said...

try the Valdosta Jane Russell look again, ;) truckers were honking when we walked down to tthe coffee place . . . ps - I read this post to K. and we had a good laugh

biggy said...


Kathy said...

Track him down. He must finish what he started.

Tania Rochelle said...

Rupert, when I'm 80, with plum-colored frog frizz, will you still be talking about that?

Biggy, what does THAT mean?

Kath, you're right.

Collin said...

Who is Jennifer going to now? Where is Jennifer?

ButtonHole said...

Who IS this Jennifer I hear so much about? She sounds like fun. I wish she'd start a blog, too.

(ps I suggested to her that she try Richard at MZM in athens, and I'll do the same for you. He won't allow bangs either)

Tania Rochelle said...

Sounds like a great excuse to go to Athens, Button!

biggy said...

I thought I was seeing the light at the end of this hair tunnel.

Tania Rochelle said...

You should worry about your own tunnel, B!

ButtonHole said...

C'mon over! We can go to lunch at the gyro place, haha.

Spence said...

That's a totally hot picture of Holly Hunter.

elsabelle said...

I love my stylist and recommend her to everyone...if you want her number let me know. I've sent a lot of people her way and they've all come back happier, purtier people.

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