The Joys of Teaching Second Grade

Lola had informed me long before the conference last week that her class was pretty much the worst one in the school. I figured Lo was exaggerating, but when I mentioned it to her teacher, Ms. C confirmed it and, at my slight cluck of sympathy, gushed forth with the whole sad story, including her emerging shingles.

Today, then, when Greg and I were in the car with Lola and she asked us if we knew Ms. C'd had to go to the doctor, we nodded yes.

Lo: Do you know WHY she had to go?

TR: Do you?

Lo: Stress.

TR: Mmm-hmmm.

Lo: Did she tell you why she had stress?

TR: Did she tell YA'LL why?

Lo: She told us she lives alone with a cat. So it's nothing at home.


biggy said...

yeah, well if Lola's stories about Tegan and Bryce are true, I can understand her stress.

ga said...

maybe they're pissed that their parents named them Teagan and Bryce...

Kathy said...

I can understand and sympathize with teacher being stressed (have several teachers in my family), but can't understand how teacher could share stress/shingles stories with parents and her class full of second graders. TMI.

Tania Rochelle said...

I know, Kathy! She talks to them as though they were little adults. Reminds me of myself--only I wouldn't teach second grade!

biggy said...

well played, Gaga, well played (golf claps)

Collin said...

Teagan and Bryce? Were the parents Dr. Who fans? Never give your kids weird famous names. Or name them after a car.

Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

My teacher in fifth grade repeatedly accused our class of giving her fleas.

Somehow, that resurfaced memory explains much of my adult life.

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