More Granny Gown Adventures

Today was the 100th day of school, so Lo's class was asked to dress up like centagenarians in honor of the occasion. Of course, we had just the costume! Add some gray hairspray, a pair of spectacles, and a walking cane, and voila!--a girfriend for Methuselah.

Once the kids got on the bus this morning, this exchange took place between Biggy and the husband from Thefamilydownthestreet:

H: Is that THE gown?

Biggy: That's it.

H: It's worse in real life.

Biggy: Yeah, pictures don't do it justice.

H: It's definitely a No "Fun" Zone. I can't believe you haven't burned it yet.


Rachel said...

so biggy carries pictures around to show the other neighborhood husbands? man! i can't wait to get married!

Tania Rochelle said...

No, Rachel. Some special neighbors know about my blog.

Biggy only carries a picture of his mommy and daddy in his wallet.

ga said...

Haha, so true.

Lola looks AWESOME!

Collin said...

If they ever do "Mama's Family - The Early Years", Lo should get the part.

ads. said...

That last picture of Lo reminds me of Mrs. Beasley, of "Family Affair".
Lola does look good...she ages well- must be the flannel.

Tania Rochelle said...

She DOES look just like Mrs. Beasley!

Kathy said...

There's a reason they call it a Granny Gown. Lo looks great. Easy for me to say since I don't actually have to find a costume and get a child ready for school, but that's a pretty clever way to celebrate the 100th day of school.

Ty said...

That is the best, old lady costume! Congrats on pulling it off just from scraps lying round the house.

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