mamoo said...

please, please don't put that burden on poor daisy. she can't be held responsible for what she might do.

biggy said...

I hear Guniea Pig tastes like chicken.

Collin said...

Yep, there's a disaster waiting to happen there. I can smell it...and so can Daisy apparently.

Tania Rochelle said...

Naw, Daisy loves Tebow.

Rebecca said...

Trust for sure... Guinea pigs are great little pets.

Kathy said...

Lo is just beautiful.

elsabelle said...

I tried to snuggle in this same way back when I had a guinea pig and my sister had a Siberian Husky. We looked kinda like this picture, although moments later said Husky lunged and nipped at the butt hair of my sweet Zoe.

A few months later the dog won and I had no more Zoe.

Then several years later a car won and there was no more Husky.

This is a sad, true story that you probably shouldn't share with Lo.

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