Hang Her Britches From a Nail

Lo: How much trouble would I be in if I got sent to the principal?

TR: Lots.

Lo: I mean, would I have to write stuff, or would I be grounded?

TR: Probably both. Why do you ask?

Lo: Bryce got sent to the principal today. He got rit up.

TR: What did he do?

Lo: He brought up his Febbuary journal, and Ms. C said, "Now go back to your seat and write it again so I can read it," and he said, "Shut up!" Then Ms. C asked him, "Did you just say 'shut up' to me?!" and he said, "Yeah."

TR: Wow.

Lo: Then when she turned around [to bite her tongue, to count to ten?], he made a face, so I told her.

TR: Lolaaaaaa...

Lo: I got to go to the office to get the paper for her to write him up on. It was awesome.


ButtonHole said...

Shut up, this is crazy! My spouse, who is, I believe, exactly half a century Lola's senior, was joking around this weekend and was doing all these "thug" poses just like Lola! And he had on an orange baseball cap, backwards! What. Are. The. Chances? I'd post the picture, but who wants that kinda grief?

Two Georgia Famblies, just knowing how to have a good time.

But that Bryce better learn to fly right, or he'll end up a real thug!

Tania Rochelle said...

I want that kind of grief. Let's see the pics.

mamoo said...

this ain't how to win friends and influence people, lola.

biggy said...

or perhaps it's a lesson to Bryce to be nicer to his schoolmates, and maybe he won't get ratted out so much.

Kathy said...

If Bryce isn't nice to Lo, she should tell on him. He sounds like a handful.

ga said...

you have 13 minutes until you officially missed a blog...

Kevin M. Scarbrough said...

Bryce needs to learn the power of bribery. Lola could've "lost" the paper along the way, or swapped it out. Christ, what are they teaching kids in school today? It certainly isn't capitalism.

Tania Rochelle said...

Lo has an alliance with Teagan.

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