The Bert Show Blows For Someone Else

Did one of you guys do this?


Anonymous said...

I too have a love hate relationship with the bert show. In fact, I found myself just the other day asking why I still tuned into the bert show and that's when I realized just how bad atlanta radio is...Cledus, Boortz, dumb and dumber on 100.5, the mess that is 790, what's really my option? Bert wants to be the white male oprah of atlanta. He wants so badly to relevant, the show gets more and more irrelevant. This is someone who reguarly at 40 gets so drunk he can't feel his face or he pukes on himself in the shower. The surfer haircut is also just sad. When he admitted that he did research prior to voting recently and came up with the conclusion his views best matched mitt romney and then he voted for obama, bert showed just what a moron he truly is in life. Then again by his own admission he barely graduated hs and couldn't make it through san diego st. Dauler is capable only of poor locker room humour and he and bert often sound like two middle school boys. Then again he too couldn't make it through college. Carter is about as entertaining as an apple. Your email exchange with hobby was quite amusing but really what do you expect from an fsu grad. But I guess I'm really the dummy because tomorrow morning I'll tune in and listen like I always do and wonder why I'm listening the entire time.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely.
Bert obviously has the normal little man issues, melissa serves only as an intolerable annoyance, jeff tries to be controversial constantly, jenn actually thinks she is somebody and Wendy is milking this status for everything she can, which is fine, except nobody cares. To look at pictures, they all do look like radio personalities, ill give them that.

But yes, due to the horrible alternatives I too will be tuning in on my way to work .

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