I've really got nothing for you this stormy Sunday, but since--according to the rules of Blog365--I must post daily, here's a little film. Lo and her friend B were sliding down the stairs on a sleeping bag this afternoon and left it on the floor when they finished. When Stella claimed it, Fay was not happy:


ga said...

Funny, but there was so much Blogging promise for today! what happend?!

Tania Rochelle said...

I'm tiiiiiiiiiiiiired.

Collin said...

I love how Stella didn't even respond.

We missed you at Laure-Anne's reading at Java Monkey. Totally worth the tornado and hailstorm to get there.

biggy said...

stupid dog.

Lisa Allender said...

Tania, Just stopped in to say how much I enjoy reading "Squirrel" (at your "Six Poems By Tania")and also the poem about after finishing your MFA(I have forgotten the title, though I just read that poem--just now-- twice).
Keep up the great work!


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