Parenting 101

Please recall my History of Failure regarding Lola's school pictures. This morning, being another Picture Day, and being that I had to be at school myself at 5:30 a.m., leaving Biggy to get our daughter ready, I called him after class to see how things went:

TR: Hey, did you get her on the bus without any problems?

Biggy: I sure did.

TR: How was her hair?

Biggy: It looked good. I paid her 20 dollars to wear it in a ponytail.


Collin said...

Well, just more to laugh at in 20 years I guess.

biggy said...

Come on, it's a win-win situation- She gets $20 and I get the school picture I want (hopefully). And T, lest you forget, you used to have to take Sadie to Chic-fil-a everytime we went out to dinner as a family, so you're not exactly above paying to keep the peace:)

Sade said...

Another $20 bets she took it out right when she got on the bus!

mamoo said...

that's great, sade. why didn't i comment that?

ga said...

Oh she totally took that down the second you were out of her sight. You Mo.

Blaise said...

oh what the evidence will show...

bets on a refund in the future?

biggy said...

tsk tsk. The evidence will show you all owe Lola an apology for implying she's deceitful.

mamoo said...

aren't we still talking about angelica?

oh, i need to hurry. i've got to go buy her some lace trimmed socks before we go to augusta.

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