In a Pinch

The design history class went from 1:00 to 10:30 (which most of you know already since half my readers are in that class), so I didn't get a chance to post. I've got to get something up before midnight, though, or I'll fail in my Blog 365 goal, which is why I'm sharing this video I found yesterday while searching for the Emmylou. It made me smile:


ads. said...

I wish I could dance. I love watching people dance. However, I am a threat to life and limb, when engaging in the act myself. I think learning to dance would make my "bucket list".

Kathy said...

I love this clip. It also looks like my kind of dance lesson, although he'd have to go even slower for me to pick up the steps.

Tania Rochelle said...

I tried.

biggy said...

I see my future.

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