Laure-Anne at Tech

This afternoon, I saw (heard) wonderful poet Laure-Anne Bosselaar read at Georgia Tech. As always, she was stunning in all ways--beautiful, warm, inspiring.

Here's a poem she read today, from her most recent book, A New Hunger:

Garage Sale

I sold her bed for a song.
A song of yearning like an orphan’s.
Or the one knives carve into bread.

But the un-broken bread
song too. For the song that a river
sings to the ferryman’s oars — with

that dread in it.
For a threadbare tune: garroted,
chest-choked, cheap. A sparrow’s,

beggar’s, a foghorn’s call.
For the kind of song only morning
can slap on love-stained sheets —

that’s what I sold my mother’s
bed for. The one she died in. Sold it
for a song.


Montgomery Maxton said...

she's going to be at the Atlanta launch party of Limp Wrist Magazine.

ButtonHole said...

Who's NOT?

ButtonHole said...

Wait. That didn't come out right. At all. And I have a class in 45 seconds. Can I ask for redemption without being in the least bit redeemable?

I just meant that I was going to try to go, not that it was such a pedestrian event or, ironically, that it was so unimportant or.

forget it. im sorry.

Beautiful poem.

Collin said...

I've got an L-A poem up, too. She was so brilliant. Good to see you there, T.Ro.

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