Brevard, NC

Here's a small picture sample of the first three days of our trip.

Most mountain bikers don't wear mullet helmets, but I'm fond of mine.

It was a nice climb to the top here, but the real challenge was yet to come...

We actually rode this!

And down this.

Home sweet home.

Biggy's camping fashion.

This kind of scenery is everywhere.

A few snippets of conversation as we got accustomed to being alone together:

(Arriving at the campground.)

TR: Look at sweet little Airstream over there! I'd love to have that.

Biggy: Why can't you be just be happy with the pop-up?

TR: I am happy with the pop-up. I'm happy with you, too, but that doesn't mean I don't fantasize about Clive Owen every once in a while.

(Leaving one chilly night to walk a few campsites over, where there was live music.)

Biggy: Are you really gonna wear that blanket?

TR: Are you really gonna wear socks with those?

(Driving up a remote forest service road deep, deep into the woods.)

Biggy: This would be a great place to hide a body.

(Same drive)

Biggy: Wouldn't you like to have a cabin back in here?

TR: Who am I--Nell?

(At the Pisgah trout hatchery, where we had to park to do one of the trails.)

Biggy: What IS that smell?

TR: You mean like fish?


e! said...

I love the fashion choices during your trip! I had fun guest blogging! Thanks for the honor!

mamoo said...

those are camel toes for sure.

biggy said...

Those are Patagonia high-performance socks, perfectly acceptable for exposure during camping activities.

Jennifer said...

In that one picture, it looks like Biggy is peeing on the pop-up. Someone please tell Mamoo what a camel toe is.

biggy said...

J, I always mark my territory wherever I am so you were right in your assumption.

ads. said...

T, the helmet totally works for you. Biggy, high-performance or not, the "cameltoe socks" just need work...way to leave yer mark, though!

ButtonHole said...

My parents beat me and I still turned out okay!!!! LOL

Collin said...

Chikapay...tay..a...in the wind...

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