Dear Tania: Letter #3

Dear Tania

Why does my mother insist upon signing me up for random fan clubs and newsletters of late 80's, early 90's pop icons? Is it because she secretly wishes to join them herself?
New Kid's No.1 Fan

Dear Fan,

Does she secretly wish to join them herself? What makes you think she hasn't? Who wouldn't want to get free newsletters from Richard Simmons, Fabio, and David Hasselhoff? If only the Burt Reynolds fan club would go ahead and launch!

Your mother sounds incredibly thoughtful, and you really should be more grateful. You might also consider yourself lucky that she likes you so much. I know a mother who has a special list of people she signs up for the Promise Keepers and Largefriends.com.

Yes, not only does your mom sound thoughtful, but I'll bet she has a fantastic imagination. Does she, by chance, work in a creative field? Does she spend a lot of time on the computer? Does she complain that she can only work on a branding speech or an article about paper dresses for so long before she has to take a break and google bumper bangs?

And is she constantly seeking inspiration as though her very livelihood and your weekly college allowance depended on it?

I thought so.

Why don't you just consider these occasional e-gifts like fruit cakes: kind of nutty and a little stale-- but even if you don't want 'em, they're still sweet.

Love always,



Anonymous said...

Dear God!!! Where did you find that picture?

Tania Rochelle said...

Oh, I think that picture can be found in every house in America.

biggy said...

That's borderline child abuse.

Tania Rochelle said...

Like eating all your kid's Valentines Day candy?

ButtonHole said...

I think that was one off an Olan Mills collection.


Collin said...

New Kids on the Block were on the Today show this morning announcing their new album and tour. Jordan is still hot.

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