Dear Tania #3

dear tania,

i need some help. i try to be the best.mother.ever but apparently i'm
doing something wrong. i am a youthful, energetic, fun-loving woman
who is a pleasure to be around. i am usually the life of any party.
i keep all opinions to myself and would never dream of interfering.
although i think my daughter married beneath her station i still try
to be supportive of the marriage. my problem is this...why would she
go on a camping, bike riding, kayaking, child free vacation without me?



Dear Anonymous,

I believe this question is best answered with a picture.



biggy said...

I thought I know who this was until I read the "i am a youthful, energetic, fun-loving woman
who is a pleasure to be around" part.

And T. perhaps you should post a NSFW warning.

a/ok said...

Dear Tania,

I accidentally clicked a link that was NSFW and even though the picture was of a hippie couple, I still look like a perv. I fear that I will have my computer confiscated momentarily. Any advice?


Tania Rochelle said...

Dear a/ok,

I believe you were doing research for a laser hair removal campaign.

ads. said...

Nothin' says spring has sprung like some hippie luvin'. It looks like you may need a helmet for that ride!

Nicholas said...

Damn tah-knee-ah!

ButtonHole said...


You have absolutely outdone yourself on this one! Clearly the mountain air has agreed with you. The unexpected nature of the picture was just priceless, truly. One of your best.posts.ever!!

ButtonHole said...

oh dear. I showed your post and photo to my husband who has, in the last hour, mysteriously developed an avid interest in camping. Think of the fresh air! Nature! The solitude!

Seriously, I'll need a good chiroprator and perhaps a team of emergency medical technicians if I were to even attempt something from the Kama Sutra, as the photo appears to show. How passable ARE those roads, Tania?

M. RuPere said...

LOL! I think this would make an excellent cover pic for your *Boogie* collection . . . I'm also thinking of fw'd it to Memye :)

Collin said...

Tania, I had no idea you were so limber.

Montgomery Maxton said...

wild bush

ButtonHole said...

ha! See what I mean????

(see Taco comment, blog mine)

jessicatillyer said...

oh shit, that is totally a picture out of this "love your body book" my parents kept on the coffee table when I was a kid.

go hippies! (well groomed hippies)

Mary Campbell said...

reason #204 not to read your blog at work.

Sade said...

Or at school......

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