Google Gone Wild

When I posted that video of the girl with the guinea pig and titled it what I did, my google hits tripled. Who knew so many people liked it "soft."

By posting this episode of The Midwest Teen Sex Show and actually typing the title here, I'm bound to increase my hits exponentially. No doubt, I'll draw pervs from coast to coast.

But there was a piece about this sex ed podcast on Gawker.com, as my husband so generously shared, and I'm pretty impressed with the candor, humor, and lack of condescension these folks are using to give kids valuable information. I've even learned some things, myself.


biggy said...

Jack will be sooo thrilled to learn of this information upon his return from hedonism, er, spring break. Hopefully it won't be too late.

Collin said...

Ummm...Biggy...that boat has sailed I'm sure.

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